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| April 24, 2012

James asks…

Does Anyone Know a Song with the Lryics like Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne?

So, I like this guy, but he has a girlfriend. I know he likes me back, we flirt often, but at the same time, I know he likes her too. So i’ve been looking for some pick-me-up songs. So far I have found

You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift
GirlfriendAvril Lavigne

If you find any songs that have to do with what I’m going through, I would be extremely happy! ^-^ Thankies


Got Me Going Crazy- Jonas Brothers (except “girl” can be replaced with “boy”)

Until You’re Mine- Demi Lovato

Ken asks…

What are the girls supposed to be in Avril Lavigne’s music video for Girlfriend?

The 3 girls, in the music video for Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne, are all Avril, I know, but what are their styles supposed to be? Is the redhead supposed to be girly, a nerd, both, etc? Is the girl in black supposed to be goth, emo, etc? And is the girl in blue and white supposed to be punk or something?



Redhead = nerdy, supposedly uncool, dumb and boring girlfriend.
Emoish girl = overconfident and jealous bitch who gives the nerdy girl a hard time as she attempts to steal her boyfriend from her. Her “edgy” look is supposed to showcase her defiant and rebellious character.
Blonde = avril’s real persona rocking with her band. Ironically, the emo girl doesn’t get the guy, but blonde avril does.

Linda asks…

Do you think the Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne music video will ever get more views then Evolution of Dance?

Well, right now on youtube the music video for Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne only has 2 million less views than Evolution of Dance on YouTube. Its been a pretty close competition to me but Evolution of Dance has always stayed in the lead of most viewed videos. So, do you think it will ever get more views than Evolution of Dnace? I want your opinions.


Havent seen either of them..and dont care to..but from wat u said..i dont think it will get more than evolution of dance cuz its alredy 2 million views ahead. So it is obviously more popular than girlfriend by avril lavigne.

Maria asks…

How can you stop your girlfriend from copying Avril Lavigne?

I can not believe it, my girlfriend watched Avril‘s new video what the hell and now my girlfriend do the same things to me as avril do with hes boyfriend, that is insanse, i can not believe it.


Tell her that she is unique a dont need to copy anyone,and that you get in love of her not of avril

Mary asks…

How to get the curses out of Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne?

So i would want to know if anyone can send me Girlfriend without damn, hell, and the f word, or if anyone knows where i can find it like that. Thank You


Download Mp3:

That’s the download

and that’s the clean version in video form

Lizzie asks…

How to get my hair to look like Avril Lavigne is the Music video “Girlfriend”??

Avril Lavigne, Hair, Girlfriend Musice Video.


If you have a hair color, thats not blonde

go buy a bleaching kit from a drug store, then buy pink hair dye and dye two peices of hair- one behind each ear pink.

Then put some gel in some of the front peices of your hair, tease it to puff up a little bit, spray it with some hairspray and put some bobby pins in to hold it up.

William asks…

Avril Lavigne Suuuuuper Clean Version of Girlfriend?

Is there a version of Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne that doesn’t say F**k or H**l.
Because I need it for a school event and I can’t use it if it says H**l and I can only find a version that doesn’t say the F bomb. It still says H**l. If anyone knows of a place where I can get this, or even a youtube video link, so I can contact that person that would be wonderful.


Hell isn’t a swear word, legally. It doesn’t take it out of the song because it doesn’t have to. You’re allowed to use it by law. So tell your school to suck it.

Susan asks…

What is the most view video on Youtube besides Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend?

I can’t find it.

Or is it Girlfriend?


Hey man its Evolution of Dance, with a guy dancing many dances by many songs. Here, ill give u the website link to the info u mite be looking for.

I hope i helped and yes, girlfriend is number 2 (i dont no why)

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