| April 8, 2012

Maria asks…

What are some websites like but for Pop or Rock Music?

I use daily, but I would also like to know about new rock and pop songs, so if you have any suggestions, please help. Thanks in advance.


Mandy asks…

is there a websites like newjams or hotnewhiphop that do house, techno music?

i know that newjams and hotnewhiphop update their website with new hiphop, rap and R&B songs each day.

Is there a site that does the same but for house and techno music/=?


Hi – please check out my new blog, it was opened yesterday after being deleted by blogger so I’ve lost a lot of visitors. New music from all genres, would appreciate it so much. Thanks, much love Xx

Lisa asks…

I need a site thats similar to hotnewhiphop or rnbxexclusive?

I need a site thats similar to hotnewhiphop or rnbxexclusive but for other genre



George asks…

Whats better for releasing mixtapes datpiff or hotnewhiphop?

And is there otner places. that gets a lot of hits to put a mixtape on


Datpiff usually has it pretty fast but there are alot of bullsh*t mixtapes

Laura asks…

How do i download mixtapes from

when the download page comes up it wants me to open with winzip so when i click ok it says my winzip account is up and i need to buy…is there another way or an easier way to get these mixtapes from hotnewhiphop?
thanks for any help


Not sure

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