| April 9, 2012

Carol asks…


for her by victoria beckham…who else here is in love with it? I am totally in love with it right now=D
perfume..its sexy and great spray a little on both sides of your neck and inside your wrists…your bf/husbands/guys/gfs etc would love it=P


It’s very sweet. I adore it.

Ken asks…

Did Jesus Christ know any women intimately?

I have heard the discussion among others that Jesus Christ knew women intimately. In other words, that He had sex with women during his lifetime on earth. I know that I will undoubtedly hear from many people that He never did, and that is fine. However, I would also like to hear from anyone that believes that they can substantiate that He was intimate with women through biblical scripture. Thanks for your time and efforts in this endeavor.


No He did not. He was about His Father’s business. He had no time for intimate relationships. No one can say that He did from the scriptures. There is no scripture that says He did.

Lisa asks…

What’s the difference between Intimately Beckham for Women and Intimately Beckham Night for Women?

I have only smelt the pink bottle – not the Night one. What’s the difference in smell, if any?


She wants you to go home and take another shower, before going out for the night. Just to get your attention, and it did, didn’t it?

The beauty industry is a billion dollar business, and this is another way to sell perfumes, times 2.

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