native pick up lines -part 1

| December 3, 2010 | 25 Comments

Just acting out a few “Native pick up lines” native comedy

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  1. musicalgirl4life14 says:

    you say hey girl way to much lol
    it gets annoying in the video , however . .
    you have a few funny ones in here (Y)

  2. PokemonKenobi says:

    Pretty funny eh! “Gramma”…LOL. It made laff til I stopped.

  3. Cutesakura19 says:

    lol my first kiss was with my cousin ._.

  4. WeTalk09 says:

    Hey, Gurl. What’s your number….You got no minutes? oh okay, what’s your Grandma’s number so I can Call you.

  5. MrROTD says:

    Deer hide thong nice!

  6. WingWithNoFear14 says:

    Tonights a full moon. Yeah… Its a beautiful night to fall in love.
    its the best.

  7. judyloch says:

    lmao lmao lmao

  8. KissingBieber says:

    i love the native accent 😉

  9. 86ilovepink86 says:


  10. mistahmeaner says:

    Can I have you favorite bingo number?!!!!!

  11. JnRlike69 says:

    I got My Own Baot N MOtor !! shit yo remind me of my big bro

  12. ohshittheresanative says:

    Flamingly stereotypical Native accent lol.

  13. dafunnyrezdawg says:

    @xxxRaaawwwrZxxx probably got it from good to know some dudez are takin it for a field test. ROFL

  14. xxxRaaawwwrZxxx says:

    lmao ‘we shoulda been cousins we wouldve had our first kiss together’ xD a person in my class said this to me xD

  15. jZZycake says:

    lmao! <3

  16. TWOhits6 says:

    i promise ill never kick the shit outta you like all the other guys you been with lol

  17. EspanolaNewMexico says:

    love Rez lol true native

  18. badboysrbad2 says:

    good shit on the bannok

  19. badboysrbad2 says:

    good shit on the bannok

  20. missjerk1989 says:

    lmfao ! “can iHave your bingo number”

  21. n8tivesmilezz says:


  22. kaylakurys says:

    lmfaoo bet you can’t eat just one:D

  23. thompsonnative says:

    Dude this video was fukin funny as hell keep it goin’ enit.

  24. ppaperplanes says:


  25. LadyHollywoodLoca says:

    i met a native american guy back in Australia he said “I wanna pow wow your dream catcher” lolz!

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