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| May 11, 2012

Ruth asks…

What are lines guys always use to get a girl?

No corney pick up lines, just lines that make a girl feel special
Lines guys use to get a girl that they dont really care about and just want to hit it and quit it
And lines that they use to make girls fall for them


“hey beautiful” always gets mee:)

Sandy asks…

Girls, are there any pick-up lines that actually work these days?

I am a VERY shy 17 year old single dude. I asked my friends for some tips on how to break the ice and get a girl to notice me without looking creepy or desperate. All they said was “You just got to be smooth and act you don’t care if she don’t like you like that.” They said that 2 Years ago and to this day I still can’t figure out what they meant. I want to be ‘smooth’ like Drake was ‘smooth’ in Drake & Josh, only without looking obnoxious. Girls, what do you suggest to a guy in need who’s shy as a good ice breaker line? And guys, what do you recommend I do to not be so shy?


Write her a poem:

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
I cannot wait,
to stick my penis in you!!!


John asks…

Do guys recycle their lines with girls ???

This qs for the guys and girls. Girls I wanna kno, what do guys usually say when they’re tryin to hook-up, I don’t mean worse pickup line, I mean when they’ve been talking to u for a while,n say your pretty/beautiful etc, what do they compliment most when at first is it ur looks, or personality, if it’s looks what is it eyes? general face compliment, what? details!.My friends n I r trying to figure this out, and we think they pretty much say the same things..

And guys, be honest, do you say the same stuff to girls, or do you ever mean it??


No offense but everyone who actually uses these pickup lines and stuff are purely losers.

George asks…

Pick-Up Artist (pick-up lines)?

You don’t REALLY think guys need to do those pickup lines just succeed with women and find their mate if they want to start a family, do you?

If that were suddenly the case nowadays, then I think that’d just be totally sad, for the guy, and for the girl demanding it.

If you ask me, I don’t think guys need to learn pickup lines to get girls, I think they just need to stop being a chicken-sh#t around women, have a more confident, domineering approach and just go for it the best they can.

I’m a guy, I’m 28 years old, and that’s what I think.


If more guys had more confidence then it would allow girls to just like the guy beacuse he is confident instead if him having to use some cheesy pick up line on her

Chris asks…

Guys, what do you think a great pick up line for a girl to use would be? (Short)?

I am shy and figure if i have a GREAT pick up line it would be easier… I dont want anyones that will make me sound like a slut!! Just really good pick up liens please! I am a freshman in college and need to talk to guys more…


Some girls love planet, love, tv, and totally fashion here 5 of my favorites:

“You’re the reason I came here alone tonight”

“Do you mind terribly? I just came over here to flirt with you.”

“Excuse me, but I heard they might be asking you to leave soon, why we don’t share a kiss?”

“Hi, I was just noticing you (insert item here, and follow up with a question about it)”

Mary asks…

Do pick up lines are necessary?

for male:
When you approach a woman, do you use a pick up line ? or you just say hey and goes from there ?
if you do use pick up line, care to share ? ^^
if you don’t, then how do you meet girls ?

for female:
do you think that guys need pick up line when they approach you, ladies ?
why or why not ?


There was an actual survey done that said that strictly in search of conquest, stupid cheesy pick up lines actually work… No matter how old or cheesy. That being said, I wouldn’t want to tap a woman, let alone date a woman that would fall for some shit like that. Pathetic.

Maria asks…

Some cute pick up lines?

Looking for some cute pick up lines from a girl to a guy, preferably that will make him laugh? 10 points to the most and best ones, and I will be trying them out 😉


“are youy burried treasure? …cuz iam diggin your chest”

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