Pick Up Lines For Girls To Use For Guys

| May 4, 2012

Richard asks…

What is the worst pick-up line (the one that guys usually use to flirt) that you’ve heard in your entire life?

“Do you have a band-aid? (then the girl replies”why?”) Cause I scrapped my knee falling for you…”

This one is! Haha! Such a killer!


Are you a baker, because you got nice buns,

i like your shirt, it would look REALLY good on my bedroom floor

god called, he’s missing an angel

Susan asks…

Any ideas of a good pick-up line for me to use at work? (parking kiosk)?

I work at a parking lot, at one of those kiosks. So tons of people are driving through everyday and i take their ticket, and if they owe me money they pay me. Sometimes VERY cute girls drive through. Is there any sort of # getting pickup line thats even appropriate that u guys can think of ? So far since i’ve been working there i just do my job and they drive away and that’s it.


“Hey, I’m not usually this forward but I have to tell you that I think you’re extremely beautiful. Will you give me your number?”

I can analyze this sentence and tell you in many ways why this works but it’ll take too long. As long as you say it with a down-to-earth smile and make sure you don’t sound too cocky, it’ll work 😉

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