Rules For Talking To Girls

| April 10, 2012

Jenny asks…

Is this an unwritten rule about talking to girls?

I’ve noticed that I’ve become really silly when I talk to this girl I have a crush on. Sometimes I get a little carried away. I’ve already explained to this girl that I get shy and nervous around women. Do girls understand that guys get like that around women? Do you think I should “apologize” for acting silly the next time I see her, or leave it be? I think this girl is fine with the way I act, but still, I don’t wanna scare her off after talking to her for a few weeks.


You should only apologize to her if you get too carried away- ie make fun of her or insult her by accident.

Otherwise if she’s not offended (and you think shes fine with the way you act) she probably likes your personality and thinks you’re funny.

I think most people understand that if someone likes them they can have a tendency to get nervous and act weird– its only a problem if you reaaaalllly act weird, embarass, or insult them.

Anyways, I guess what I’m saying is to just act natural. The more you get to know her the more your actual personality will come out, and hopefully she won’t be ‘scared off’. Good luck!

Linda asks…

In west India, why there is certain kind of rules for girls and boys?

I was just wondering that I used to live in india. And I saw there that in schools if you talk to a girl in your class other students would laught at you. They both have diffrent raws to sit, you can’t have any girlfriend, you can’t touch a girl. Why is all that?


Varying degrees of segregation of the sexes is present in all societies. India is rather conservative about this in public. In the USA we have separate bathrooms for men and women, etc.
In India, people in the country tend to be more conservative than those in the city, and Muslims, on the whole, are more conservative than Hindus.

Sharon asks…

Why is it that girls’ interests and ours never seem to connect?

For example, take the typical geeky stuff like transformers, our love of cars, and generally the look of kool machinery.

Then you have girls and their obsession with fashion, romance novels, poetry, following the rules, talking about “other” womens’ faults

ain’t it strange that you can never use the things you normally enjoy to get a girl’s attention?

and when girls talk about what interests them it always seems boring and irrelevant?
>this question isn’t randomly based off some 60’s sexist belief, its based of my trial and error with girls<


Transformer, best movie. Bumblebee is my fav.

I’m one exception to that rule, I have a lot of intrests in cars, machines, robots, electronics… I can get down and dirty and not care how I look and then at the same time I can be a girly.

You just have to find the right person who shares the same intrests, but you also have to be willing to share HER intrests.

But, if you want someone who just enjoys what you enjoy then I would suggest going gay!..

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