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Talk To Girls Strangers

| February 23, 2013

Chris asks… Good Conversation Starters with Random Strangers (Talking to Girls Mainly)? A friend of mine swears by “Sorry, do you have the time?” and never wears a watch But I am slightly confused on how you’d lead off “Its 5.30″? Any tips ideas, I know you got to work the environment, but i get […]

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Dean Answers Questions On Pick Up Lines For Girls To Use On Boys

| June 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Paul asks… do you think pickup lines? do you use pick up lines to get a girl or a boy? have you ever used it on anyone beside your friend for fun LOL. or do you make up your own and try to be creative ? 😀 well i make up my own and i […]

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Dean Answers Questions On Dating Rules

| April 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

William asks… Dating rules..? This is a two part question.. 1- for all those parents out there–what rules do you have for your kids and dating…what age they can date, when do they have to be home, how to “behave” on a date. 2- for those teens- what rules do your parents have and how […]

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