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Talk To Girls Online

| March 18, 2014

Jenny asks… Anyone know where I can talk to girls online? My girlfriend broke up with me about two mouths ago and now I just feel so empty & sad. looking to find new people i guess… admin answers: Depending on how old you are (13-17) can sign up on a site called “eSPIN”. If […]

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Food Network

| August 28, 2013

Charles asks… food network? What is ur top 5 favorite shows on food network, if u have one? mine is 1. Unwrapped 2. Emeril live 3. Everyday Italian 4. Good eats? 5. all the cooking contest like ace off cakes, challenges for decoration and all that stuff. wow alot of GOOD answers. i’ll just wait […]

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Pick Up Lines Funny

| March 6, 2013

Michael asks… What are some nice and funny pick-up lines? It’s just for fun and joking around with my friends. admin answers: I don’t know what you consider funny, so do a little search, and you’ll be amazed at the variety of answers….more than can be posted here. Google key words: “pickup lines” humor Sample: […]

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| February 11, 2013

Mark asks… firefox ? I just downloaded Mozilla firefox, how do i make it so my opening page is bebo? I know its possible i just can’t remember how. I mean so that when you open firefox its not google its bebo, if yous get what i mean? admin answers: Easy trick: open your desired […]

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Native Pick Up Lines

| November 25, 2012

Thomas asks… What kind of laptop for gaming should I buy tonight? I’m having a hard time picking one for the following two reasons. First, I can’t find one with a powerful enough graphics card It seems. I have an 8800GT in my current rig, and nothing I research seems to match or beat that. […]

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Dirty Pick Up Lines For Girls To Say

| September 4, 2012

Nancy asks… What does this dream mean? I had a dream that I was in my room with a bunch of my friends. I’m a girl, and the phone rang so I picked it up. Only it wasn’t MY phone. It was this ugly, dirty, big dusty creaky phone. It was staticy on the other […]

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Dirty Pick Up Lines For Girls To Say

| April 17, 2012

Joseph asks… i ask if he loved me, he said he didnt want to answer… WTF? _Back Ground Info_ :::HIM::: he was very much in love with his ex wife. they got together young, he joind the army.while he was in iraq she spent all his hard earned money, cheated alot and broke his heart. […]

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| April 12, 2012

Lizzie asks… Myspace How do you delete a band myspace from myspace cats answers: You can’t delete that. However if you want to you can add a new layout from the default one. Did you know that? A good place is to search google for layouts or you can do a myspace layout search on […]

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| April 8, 2012

Maria asks… What are some websites like hotnewhiphop.com but for Pop or Rock Music? I use hotnewhiphop.com daily, but I would also like to know about new rock and pop songs, so if you have any suggestions, please help. Thanks in advance. answers: ShockHound.com Mandy asks… is there a websites like newjams or hotnewhiphop that […]

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