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| April 22, 2012

Mandy asks…

How do I talk to girls online?

I recently joined this online dating site and have a few girls on my contact list now. I’m kind of shy in person, (hence I thought I’d try online) so I don’t really know how to talk to those girls online.

I’m 21 and recent university graduate. The girls who added me are around 18-22. Any ideas please? Also how long should we chat for before I ask to meet in person for a date or hang out?


In a way talking to people online is better then talking to them in person cause you don’t embarrass your self as much. The draw backs to talking to people online is that yea it’s sometimes awkward to start a conversation online. And plus sometimes you may put things the wrong way in which the people might take offense to and stop chatting. My best bet for you would be just to start of simple. Say hi, your name and talk a bit about yourself. Like were your from. And also ask them about their hobbies or ask them to talk a bit about them. Get the conversation started and try to find something you both have in common and then the conversation should take off from their.

Steven asks…

How do you talk to girls online?

i tried to talk to a girl online i sent her a few messages one day and then i sent one the next day and then i asked what was she up in a few days and she didn’t say nothing back i don’t understand or is it because i asked simple question, like what do you like to do or what men do you like ?


She probably doesn’t want an online relationship. She is freaked out by the idea of talking to a guy that she doesn’t know in real life online. Most girls are freaked out by it, including myself.

Donna asks…

How to talk to girls online?

Hi everyone! I am a teen on facebook (which rocks by the way). If you want to see me search for malcolm sora to see if I am hideous. The problem I have here is that every time I add a girl as a friend, we talk and the conversation ends up blank. By blank, I mean by either short or I am literaly being ignored. Is there any way I can improve myself to prevent such problem? Thank You and any help would be much appreciated!


I suggest you work on your communication skills in person and then move to Facebook…

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