Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box System – FREE Ebook On 3 Questions To Turn A Girl On

| September 10, 2011 Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box – Get A FREE Ebook called “One Minute Female Mind Reading” by clicking the link below. Pandora’s Box is a new system that allows you to use 3 questions to turn her on and “profile” a woman – this allows you to “read her mind” and attract her more successfully… Get the 20-page Pandora’s Box ebook at: Just put your email address in the box on that page, and you can download Vin DiCarlo’s ebook INSTANTLY! PS: I also mentioned Vin’s “The Attraction Code” book in this video… to learn more about that go to: 3 questions to turn a girl on 3 questions that turn women on 3 questions get the girl 3 questions to turn her on 3 questions to ask a girl 3 questions that make girls want you 3 questions to get laid 3 questions to ask women 3 question to turn a girl on 3 questions of pandora’s box system review vin dicarlo pandora’s box review pandora’s box vin di carlo

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  1. 7dillan says:

    first you gotta know her time line….her relationship line…her sex line… and then u asked the questions…which is.. about like 40 ways to know the answer

  2. SuperPornIndustry says:

    @BakinKoljac LMAO!

  3. BakinKoljac says:

    1. you want me?
    2. why not?
    3. you mean it?

  4. rotenburk says:

    @baevere hahaha nice trolling

  5. WeaponApocalypse says:

    Hey samenightlays I’ve quick browsed up to 3:34 seconds an it sounds like getting women that have a gap/hole in their life or a way of thinking that’s for the moment but that’s cool if that’s what guys THINK they want, does it tell you how to enjoy life with a woman because deep down men an women desire the same thing (human nature).

  6. oscie1 says:

    @samenightlays barney lol

  7. matheuswoww says:

    Why do we have to work so fucking hard to get women ? QUIT putting women into a pedestal, if a girl likes me , cool .. if she doesn’t i move on with my life, geez … the key to be ” confident and happy” is thinking of YOUR needs first, if you’re happy with yourself , if you fucking LOVE yourself .. you’l lbe able to bang any chick you want , now if you spend all your savings on videos that spot stereotypical american women,i don’t think you’re really happy about yourself.

  8. nerdsquad says:

    It is pronounced mega (as in fucking huge) Byte(bite) as in a complete sequence of ones and zeros that make a structured logical digital variable.

  9. samenightlays says:

    @jbpiano1 bro, you sound like Barney the purple dinosaur. You don’t know what you are talking about and are in no position to give me any advice whatsoever … so is “Attraction 101″ actually a class at the University of Douchebag?

  10. jbpiano1 says:

    @samenightlays Well…… first things first… responding to negative comments no matter what puts negative points on Both of you, Attraction 101: Let everyone live around your circle, you control that circle, almost always someones going to give you crap: The best way to handle it is to not handle it at all, let him talk crap, and in the end you’ll still remain on top…. a few pointers… OH! and have confidence =D hope i helped =D cheers mate!

  11. MetalStorm48 says:

    stop hatin man if you can get girls then why the fuck did you search for this viddeo?

  12. TyRTi says:

    @Nivek17X Cant argue with the results

  13. Nivek17X says:

    @TyRTi That’s completely wrong my fellow 😉

  14. CrusaderDom3 says:


  15. Y35K4 says:

    all of you who hate are notin but fools!!!! this is a grown folks bussines the day you guys understand it will be to late!!!

  16. kaku123456 says:

    every 1s a hater

  17. ChromeAbyss says:

    How about you all shut the hell up cause from hearing all of you wine about him … think of your self god damnit look whos talking every word you say it could describe you full body and down

  18. baevere says:

    @Iman290 you’re a God Damn waste of functioning organs you cum guzzler!!!! Only lowlifes like yourself need this video to help you get some pussy. You probably use this video to go to gay pride parades and score some anus!!! Fag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Iman290 says:

    @baevere o shit, u got me now douchebag. does any1 rly care if I didnt spell it correctly? dont go on utube vids hating. relly. only a lowlife would be hating on a video they saw on youtube.

  20. baevere says:

    @Iman290 You can’t even spell the word watched correctly!!…. Who’s the retard again? (Rhetorical question…..)

  21. Iman290 says:

    @baevere U resolved to such tactics dumbshit. u looked it up and wathced this video retard


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